27 мая 2009 г.

Об интеграции личности и наркотической зависимости

На тему соотношения интеграции личности и наркотиков существует уже целый ряд безответственных банальностей, выглядящих примерно как вот это заявление Ричардса:

For individuals with HPD, the shallowness and absence of internal integration are mirrored in a superficial involvement in the details of life; they have little ability to understand and integrate emotional experiences across situations. Alcohol and drugs serve as an alternative to personality integration and increased maturity. This is particularly effective for individuals with HPD because drug use facilitates dissociative behavior. (Richards, 1993).

HPD = Histrionic personality disorder по классификаторам DSM-IV-TR = 301.50 и ICD-10.